St. Oswald’s Centre aims to bring new life to an old building, creating a public and community space that will provide jobs and offer services to and for children, youth, community groups, and the elderly, and thereby make a lasting and material difference to the life of the community around the building.

Our Plans

Our services, programmes, and activities will include:

  • Pre- and after-school care
  • Youth clubs and services
  • Community groups (e.g. Scouts, yoga, dance, etc.)
  • Partnership with the Eric Liddell Community
  • Learning and development opportunities for local primary school children
  • Festivals, exhibitions, and other cultural productions


St. Oswald’s Church and Hall on Montpelier Park sits at the heart of many communities in and around the Bruntsfield area in the south of Edinburgh.

The site was left vacant in February 2018 when Boroughmuir High School moved to its canal-side site.

In August 2020, the City of Edinburgh Council approved the purchase of the church and hall by Bruntsfield St. Oswald’s Ltd. (St. Oswald’s Centre) as part of a Community Asset Transfer.

The purchase was completed in March 2021, thanks to a grant from the Scottish Land Fund.

St. Oswald’s Centre aims to create a vibrant, family-focused, community hub to facilitate a wide range of clubs, classes, and leisure opportunities for all local residents as well as wrap-around childcare and after-school activities for local children and young people.  

It is hoped that St. Oswald’s Centre will open in 2023 after a period of renovation and refurbishment.